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At RC Nation's Canadian head office, located at 154 Victoria St W in beautiful Kamloops, BC, we prioritize your fun.

Explore our extensive collection of Remote Control toys, including RC cars, RC trucks, RC crawlers and racers, RC boats, RC airplanes and much more! We like to say, if it rolls, floats or flies by remote control it's at RC Nation.

Our spacious and fully wheelchair-accessible RC Nation gift shop and retail sales showroom provides the perfect environment to get up close and personal with nearly 150 RC models. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist you in finding the perfect RC for you.

If you're unable to visit our physical store, don't worry! Our Online Shop offers a convenient alternative for you to browse and purchase from our impressive selection of RCs, RC parts and accessories. If you're looking for your first RC, to expand your collection, or for replacement or upgrade RC parts, we've got you covered. With almost 4000 different RC parts from all your favourite manufacturers available in stock every day, both in-store and online, RC Nation is your one-stop RC shop for RC trucks and all your remote control hobby needs.

At RC Nation, we take pride in our reliable RC Service Department. Whether it's repairs for your remote control car or remote control truck or installation of spectacular hop-ups and light kits, our skilled technicians are committed to saving you money and getting you back to having fun. Our well-stocked RC Parts Department boasts an impressive inventory ensuring that we have what you need for your custom orders and custom build projects.

Maintenance is a breeze at RC Nation. Your hobby grade RC can easily be in your family for 10 plus years with a little basic maintenance and TLC. Shock service, differential service, bearing kit installs, suspension tuning, electronics firmware updates and programing. RC Nation. We got you. And if you want to add a personal touch to your RC, our talented artists in the Custom Paint Department can provide you with unique custom paint jobs and logos that will make your remote control car stand out from the crowd and ensure your commercial business is seen.

Having fun with a remote control car is not only exciting but also a safe way to stay connected with family and friends. An RC Car or builders kit is also a great STEM toy for a young person and provides a much-needed means to relieve anxiety and stress for drivers of all ages.

Join the RC community at our RC crawler events and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of beautiful British Columbia. You can also join our RC drift car club and learn to drift on our indoor RC drift track, one of only 2 in BC. Outdoor offroad, on-road, and indoor carpet racing, and marine and air RCs all have local clubs so you can meet and hang with like-minded people while you explore your favourite genre in the RC hobby. Share your RC experiences to your socials using the hashtags #rcbeautifulbc and #iamrcnation.

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