About RC Nation

Your Remote Control Hobby Destination!

Hobbies have a funny way of turning into something more don't they? For Lenn Korobanik and Dustin Torgerson, a love for everything RC has turned into a desire to help grow the audience, and the sport, of remote control cars and trucks. Focused on community and culture, RC Nation is starting right down on Victora St. W in Kamloops, BC. RCN will be hosting engaging local events aimed at cutting directly to the experience that makes RC cars so affecting and connecting. From races to solo rented track time, your Kamloops and area RC experience is about to take a step up.

Remote Control Sales And Repair

RC Nation offers sales, service, parts and skilled repairs for most any remote control rig you have or want. Our nation-wide distributors and buying network allow RCN to deliver those hard to find parts you need for that DIY project or upgrade before the next race. Whether you're a dedicated competitive racer or an ethusiast who wants to pass on some of the RC magic to your children, our staff and prices are geared towards helping everyone enjoy the hobby without selling your real car to do it. If your old favorite Traxxas is sitting broken on the shelf because of expensive or missing parts, bring it down to RC Nation in Kamloops and we'll help get it back racing again.

Kamloops BC is a great place to explore the world of remote control vehicles, and RC Nation is your local destination for everything you need to get out there. Lenn and Dustin don't plan to stop there though and hope to soon offer support, sales and RC event hosting as far as their batteries can take them.

The RC Nation Team

Lenn Korobanik

Lenn grew up in Kamloops BC, camping, snowmobiling and 4 wheeling on the countless backroads and river washouts that access the spectacular lakes and mountains of British Columbia.

In November 2019, with an invitation from his best friend, Dustin “Dogbone” Torgerson, Lenn was introduced to the RC culture. He picked up the RC controller to Dogbone’s Redcat Gen8 and they went trail crawling up a creek bed just outside Kamloops.

Lenn was hooked and bought his first RC, a Traxxas TRX-4 with a ‘79 Bronco body, soon after. Through the winter and the COVID-19 shutdown of 2020, with responsible social distancing, they explored the natural crawling terrain of the Kamloops area. In April 2020, Dogbone asked, “Do you know we have an outdoor, off-road racetrack in Kamloops beside the Valleyview arena?”

Soon after, they were racing, jumping and crashing their 2-wheel drive, Traxxas Slash and Losi 22S SCT short course trucks around that same dirt track and looking to get involved with the organized race events hosted by Jason Mardon and the Thompson Valley RC Club.

A few short weeks later Dogbone and Lenno had the crazy idea to open an RC shop together and at the end of May, they secured the property that would become the location in downtown Kamloops, BC for RC Nation Sales and Entertainment Ltd and opened the doors in August 2020.

This high traffic location was perfect with a clean, bright showroom and adjacent indoor racetrack event centre for COVID-19 safe, socially competitive bubble groups of friends, families, and co-workers.

Lenn is very appreciative of the reception from Kamloops and the local RC community and invites you to come in and see the more than 50 RCs out of their boxes and ready to run. RC Nation has a full-service centre so bring your broken RC in for a repair quote or trade appraisal. You may shop online at shop.rcnation.ca for home delivery or curbside pickup.
~ Lenn Korobanik, RC Enthusiast

Dustin 'Dogbone' Torgerson

I have long been into enjoying the hobby of Remote Controlled Vehicles. When I was around the age of fifteen I got involved with the local hobby shop, which was only a few blocks away from my home. There I learned all about how RC cars and trucks were much more than the basic radio shack toys I was use to as a kid. These cars and trucks I discovered had adjustable, repairable, replaceable, and up-gradable components, which went along with my desire to tinker with things. I met a great group of people in the hobby that were dedicated to racing competitively, which is where the RC hobby shined for me.

Throughout my early adult life I enjoyed off roading with my full size vehicles, but often regretted the cost and time involved with that hobby. Once I discovered the crawling aspect of RC vehicles I was hooked! It was everything I loved about full scale off roading, but with much less maintenance and repair costs. It was RC trail finding and rock crawling that lured my friend Lenn into the RC hobby, and that wasn't the end. Soon after getting into crawling RCs we purchased short course race trucks and started racing each other at the local offroad track. Together, we decided to start RCNation to bring more people into this wonderful lifestyle of radio controlled vehicles.
~ Dogbone, RC Enthusiast

If you have any RC questions or would like to book some track time, contact us here today!