Thompson Valley R/C Race Club - Indoor Club Race

November 5th 2023

Thompson Valley R/C Race Club - Indoor Club Race,


OLPH School, Lower Gym

235 Poplar Street, Kamloops

**from Poplar St entrance, head down to lower parking behind the school. Double doors closest to Poplar Street will provide access to the Gym area. 

Race Day Times/Setup:

- Doors at 900, and track setup (about 45mins)

- Racer registration followed by Drivers meeting at 10-1030

- 1 qualifier followed by Double Mains

- First Race start 11am, follow with a lunch break, followed by Mains

- Award Ribbons (1st-3rd, Participation),and track pack up.

- Final dry mop of the gym floor and double check facility (garbage, etc)

Safety Items:

- No smoking on OLPH School property, AT ALL. Please leave premises or get in your vehicle. Ensure you clean up accordingly. 

- No drugs or alcohol use on OLPH School property. This will result in permanent ban from the Club

- All classrooms, upstairs, and the ‘Child care’ washroom are off limits. 

- Indoor footwear - as the weather changes, we will recommend all participants to bring suitable indoor shoes, and be mindful of tracking in mud/snow.

- LiPo Safe charging bags are required for all racers (no charging in cars),enforced by fellow racers

- LiPo battery max voltage per cell will be 4.200V, even for HV rated batteries. 

- SXT 3.0 Odourless traction compound only. Out of Town racers will be permitted to use other “odourless” compounds upon approval by RD. 

Items to bring:

- Extension cord and power bar

- Pit towel or mat large enough to protect tables from staining

- Chair with non-marking feet

- Tables will be available, but we have limited supply/space. 

**Space is limited, tables 6ft or larger will be expected to have two racers sharing the space. (2 per table)