RC Scene in Kelowna & the South Okanagan

May 5th 2022

It doesn’t matter where you choose to race your remote-control vehicles – if you love the RC hobby like we do, consider yourself part of RC Nation. RC Nation is the one-stop-shop for RC hobbyists anywhere in Canada (surface, air, and water vehicles). Today we want to highlight the RC scene in Kelowna and throughout the South Okanagan. As it heats up outside, we know the RC scene is heating up as well. If you’re new to the area, new to the hobby, or just want to see all the different club/race options, your research can stop here.

Surface Vehicles

Okanagan RC Racing – this is a great place to locate information on both indoor and outdoor RC racing in Kelowna and throughout the surrounding area. The club runs races at 1449 Greenbay Rd. in West Kelowna and you can learn more about on-road pavement racing, off-road racing and no-prep drag racing. Okanagan RC Racing runs with ROAR North American rules in all classes and offers a welcoming approach to racing – bring what you have and share the love of racing.

Okanagan RC Racing – No-Prep Drag Racing – this Facebook site has everything you need to know to participate in RC no-prep drag racing. Keeping things fun and simple, no-prep drag racing is a popular event that involves drag racing on an unprepared course like an actual street. It is what it is and you do your best with what is there – it’s fast, exciting and fun.


Kelowna Ogopogo Radio Controllers – with a mission to spread enjoyment of flying RC aircraft far and wide, the Ogopogo Radio Controllers operate under strict safety guidelines and pride themselves on operating a fun, family-friendly club. The club currently operates from a field on Lodge Road in Lake Country. Directions available on website.

Okanagan FPV Racing – the world of FPV racing (drone racing) is growing and welcoming new enthusiasts. These homemade flyers can hit speeds of 100mph and operating them requires both passion and skill. Join the group to find out more about the exciting world of FPV racing.

Osoyoos Model Aviation Club RC – With a dedicated flight school classroom and weekly online flying, OMAC RC welcomes newcomers to RC planes. This club has instructors with decades of experience, so if you’re in the Oliver area, reach out to find out more about their flight training program.


The Okanagan Model Sailboat Association – Sailing season starts in early April, and whether you’re a beginner or an expert sailor, you are welcome to join us. There is no commitment, no membership fees, and no boring meetings – just a group of people that enjoy sailing radio-controlled boats.

As you can see, there are no shortage of RC-enthusiasts in Kelowna and the South Okanagan. If you want to highlight your favourite place to race and play, send us a message. We want to know.

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