RC Clubs and Tracks in Calgary

September 28th 2022

RC Nation is your one-stop-shop for all your Calgary RC needs, whether your vehicle graces the surface, water or air. Having fun with remote-controlled vehicles is one of the safest ways to stay connected with family and close ones. In Calgary there is plenty on offer for indoor and outdoor RC enthusiasts including online meeting spaces, weekly races and RC shows.

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There is a real demand for RC activities in Calgary, Alberta. So you can be sure to find a club that suits you. There are even online spaces to meet and discuss RC-related topics On these pages you can find information about the latest RC activities happening near you.

Here is a look at the RC Scene in Calgary, Alberta:

RC Clubs and Tracks:

Calgary Alberta Radio Control Auto Racers aka C.A.R.C.A.R

Calgary Alberta Radio Control Auto Racers is a non-profit organization that hosts radio control races with local RC enthusiasts every week. First established in 1986, they have a track where fans of RC vehicles in Calgary can participate in fun and close-range racing. Sometimes they collaborate with other clubs around the province to host larger events!

RCGears RC Club

RC Gears is a non-profit organization in Calgary dedicated to radio-controlled off-road enthusiasm. They offer a fun and challenging place to run your RC off-road vehicles and they are eager to accommodate all levels of expertise. From Beginner to Professional racers, the RC Club offers different tiers of membership so you can pick a package that suits your needs.

If racing is in your blood, bring your 1/10th or 1/8th scale vehicles to the RC Gears Race track for some fun!

Blackfoot R.C Park

Blackfoot RC is a Calgary Radio control car club commonly called the BFRC. The BFRC has been steadily expanding since they were founded in 2002. They have grown to create a Scale / Crawler Park that is very detail oriented, packed full of fast and exciting thrills. Their 5th scale race track is complete with a Lap timing system that is challenging but fun and easy enough for a newcomer.

You can follow their page for regular updates on RC activities in their area.

RC Boating or Floaters:

Calgary Model Sailing Association

Calgary Model Boat Racing Association is an RC boat club, it is a member of NAMBA and has a sister club in Edmonton. The club holds all kinds of RC events all year round where they sail and race RC sailboats – including six local races.

Flyers and Airborne Vehicle Spaces:

Model Aeronautics Association of Canada aka MAAC

The MAAC is a non-profit organization that brings together model aeroplane enthusiasts from anywhere in Canada. They aim to provide a space based on safety and innovation for model aircraft enthusiasts to explore their hobby and have fun with other people who share their interests.

The MAAC is a great source for learning, watching aerial displays and flight instruction. Additional training materials are also available for MAAC members.

FootHills Flyers

The Foothills Flyers is a Calgary-based R/C helicopter and plane club. It has two flying fields available to the club: one is a helicopter field based in Calgary; the other is for both RC planes and helicopters and is located about 30 minutes east of Calgary, near Strathmore.

This club is dedicated to promoting family enjoyment of the RC hobby.

Stampede City Remote Control Model Club

The SCRMCM is a non-profit remote control model club based on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta. Their club was founded more than 45 years ago and today it currently has over 86 active members. You can apply to join on their website.

Their members regularly gather in Calgary for fun flies, competitions, aerial displays and races!

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