RC Boats at RC Nation!

July 7th 2022

RC Nation is your Remote-Control Hobby Destination. Located in Kamloops, BC we serve the RC community throughout Canada and around the world.

Our store is full of the latest models and accessories for your RC boating hobby. We provide the remote-control community with the best selection of RC Boats.

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of Canadians live less than an hour from navigable water? Why not purchase an RC Boat for a fun and engaging hobby?

At our RC Nation showroom and gift shop in Kamloops, you will discover nearly 100 different Remote Control models displayed out of the box. Our friendly team is more than happy to use their expertise to help you find the boat for you.

If you like Remote Controlled Boats then this is the place to be!

Here is a selection of seven boats we have available in our shop today:

SuperCat 700 BL

The Supercat 700 BL is a Ready to Run(RTR) boat that boasts a 40a water-cooled Electronic Speed Controlled (ESC) and a durable stainless-steel propeller and rudder. This matte red water rocket arrives with fully proportional steering and throttle, a wooden display stand, a 40-gram waterproof servo, Double-A batteries for the transmitter and a Lipo battery so you can have fun.

Velocity 800BL Deep Vee Offshore

This self-righting RC Boat is propelled by brushless power that can reach speeds over 45 Mph. The stainless running hardware provides a rugged yet elegant look to this offshore wonder. With a 1750kV motor and 60A water-cooled speed control there is much to love about the Velocity 800BL.

And it is 100% factory assembled straight from the box!

SprintJet 9 Inch (Silver)

Looking for summertime excitement in an attractive package? Then you’ve found it in the SprintJet Self-Righting 9-inch. This model boasts a potent 390-size brushed motor, waterproof steering servo, and an Injection Molded Plastic Hull. The self-righting hull design means you no longer need to fear capsizing because it will always return to an upright position, giving you extra security and peace of mind. Battery and charger included.

Order online or visit RC Nation in Kamloops today!

Traxxas Blast 24” (Orange)

Sleek new styling meets quality fun with the Traxxas Blast High-Performance Electric RC Boat. Engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive, the Blast features a fully-proportional Nautica speed control unit, a waterproof high-torque servo, and the patented watertight receiver box.

 Your Traxxas Blast will arrive fully assembled and ready to run. Simply switch on the power and go because it has battery and charger included!

BlackJack 42” Catamaran (White/Red)

Own the lake with the Pro Boat BlackJack 42” Catamaran. This large-scale boat dominates the water with speed and style. From the Impact-resistant polycarbonate hull to the aluminum rudder and propeller strut, the Catamaran is the perfect companion for fun in the sun. This RC boat features a Smart™ electronic speed controller to power the Spektrum™ Marine 4685 4 Pole and a water-cooled motor that is capable of hitting more than 55 Mph!

Like what You see? Want to Find out More? Visit our store in Kamloops today!

RC Surfer 4 from Catch Surf

Are you looking for something guaranteed to turn heads on the water? With this whimsical piece, any RC Enthusiast can have a great time. The RC Surfer and Board are designed with radical 80’s-style sleek graphics from Catch Surf so you can look good surfing massive waves, doing huge airs, and having more fun than anyone else! The soft surfboard has been updated so you can customize your experience for deeper or more shallow waters and has battery and charger included.

No matter where you surf, do it with style!

SonicWake V2 36” (White)

A great model for experts and beginners alike, the Pro Boat® Sonicwake 36-inch Self-Righting Deep-V is perfect for RC enthusiasts. The Sonicwake delivers full user confidence alongside serious speed. It has a water-cooled engine capable of propelling the boat more than 50 Mph and a completely sealed waterproof receiver to keep your equipment dry.

The self-righting hull helps the RC boat stay as stable as possible and unlike other boats does not require power to function. When the boat flips, wait a few moments and the RC will self-right, afterwards the flood chamber will empty as the boat moves forward.